Garage of Evil Albums Now Available for Streaming!

This is about 2 months late, but, better late than never 🙂

13 years ago, I composed 3 albums for the Garage of Evil! The GoE was a joint venture between myself and a very good friend of mine, Steve-O. We were building a lot of animatronic props and other Halloween related goodness, and started to develop a bit of a following. Over the years, I fell by the wayside as other life events took precedence, and Steve-O and his amazing wife Lori took that football and ran with it. And kept running with it, until about 2 years ago, when Steve-O stepped down from the helm. Found a fantastic ode to what the GoE was here.

These albums were crafted to provide creepy background ambience to any home or professional haunt. Now, finally, 13 years later, you can listen to these dark, creepy soundscapes on any device anywhere. Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Apple iTunes, even use them in your YouTube videos and more! More information on the albums can be found below:

Dark Soundscapes Vol. I

Dark Soundscapes Vol. II




New Release – Departure at Phoebe

Good afternoon fellow quarantiners! I am excited to announce, that I’ve released a new album through Dark Duck Records, “Departure at Phoebe”! Hopefully this helps pass the time while we are all stuck at home, and dreaming of distant places…

Beginning our ethereal journey through the cosmos, by first slowly drifting and making our way first to Saturn. After a long voyage surrounded both by darkness and bright points of light, where our mind wanders aimlessly and with abandon… allowing us to dream up previously unimaginable but tangible thoughts, and contemplate the world around us. A flyby of Saturn’s rings, and its moon of Phoebe, where we finally make our departure into deep space. Our departure begins at Phoebe, which brings to an end this part of our ambient journey.

Departure at Phoebe is musical nature’s first full album released through Dark Duck Records. Stephen and Geoff have previously collaborated on Dark Duck Records releases including the X Series and the Drone Download Project. Now after nearly a decade, comes Departure at Phoebe. musical nature has been releasing long form ambient and experimental ambient music since 1998.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Limited Edition Eco-Pack CDs of Solstice Chill, legion d’honneur, Layers 2 and Eavesdropping are Now Available!

When I first started publishing my music, after my first release through a long defunct label Orbit Music (album: Forgotten Textures) back in 1998, I started releasing my music through the also now defunct via their Digital Audio Music (D.A.M.) CDs, which was a print-on-demand service. Years later, I then found, and began to publish through there. They eventually dropped the CD print-on-demand service as well.

I then started releasing my music as digital only releases, through BandCamp, and all major digital music services such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc. And, except for short run CD-R releases I had made over the years and sold individually, I have never produced real physical copies in any sort of bulk. That has now changed!

I now have limited edition 50-CD runs of Solstice Chill, legion d’honneur, Layers 2 and Eavesdropping. These are in Eco-Pack sleeves, they are the similar to a jacket, but there is no glue, printed with eco-friendly inks, and is stored in a re-sealable cellophane bag.

Ask when ordering if you would like the cover, inside cover, or disc signed before I ship it out!

If you would prefer additional options when shipping, please contact me after the sale, and we can work out payment and additional shipping options such as insurance, delivery signature, etc.

Includes unlimited streaming of Eavesdropping via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

To order, click on one of the image links below, or visit the merch page on my Bandcamp site to order!


image image
image image



THEY CAME TODAY, and look great! Just need to find my Sony Discman to listen to them (yes, the bright yellow rugged sports version) 

50x limited-run eco-pack CDs of Eavesdropping, Solstice Chill, Layers II, and legion d’honneur will be for sale at the Bristol County Home & Garden Show this weekend on Saturday, March 30th, from 9am – 2pm at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School, 251 Stonehaven Road, Fall River. Admission is free. I will also be providing this background music at the event in an installation. More details available here:…/NEWS/325009993/PH/1

These will be posted for sale via my BandCamp page following the event. Like to try before you buy? Go have a listen at

Thank you to the awesome folks at Atomic Disc for the awesome quality and quick turn around!


Painting in front of people: March 30

Hey folks! Guess what? I will be doing an ambient installation at the
Bristol County Home & Garden Show, 251 Stonehaven Road, Fall River on March 30, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I’ll be giving away some free Musical Nature stickers, and, if I have properly timed the order right, I will have a 50-run limited edition eco-pack CD’s available of what will be playing:

So, if you’re in the area, come on down and see some fantastic artwork, music (if I do say do my self), and a multitude of other great vendors at this event.

Happy Winter Solstice!

solstice chillIn 2001, I released this album, Solstice Chill in celebration of the Winter Solstice.

Measured in Kelvin – Part III was included on the 2002 Ambient@Hyperreal2 compilation album, along with a fantastic list of other artists…/release/30910

Go have a listen if you’re looking for some relaxing, chill out background music. This album is available on BandCamp, Amazon, Google, iTunes, Spotify, and all of the other major platforms.

Use code “holidays” on BandCamp and save 50% on this and all other titles:

Join the Musical Nature Mailing List!

Hey folks, quick update. Been an interesting second half of the year, with some things going on that have derailed my music development… which will pick back up soon. Have some collaborations and releases in the works. Probably not going to see much until the new year. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I have gone ahead and created a mailing list, as another touch point for my fans so I can share additional information, and offer mailing-list only promotions.

So, if you’d like to join, click on the link above in the navigation, or go here:

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Thank you and talk soon!

Skunk Works

316px-Skunk_works_Logo.svgI haven’t done too much on SoundCloud for quite some time. It’s not really a great platform for marketing my music, especially now since they got rid of the groups there. I’ve long since cancelled my Pro membership, and have kind-of just let it die off over the past year.

However, it is a great little platform to get out new pieces of music I am playing with. So, if you’re interested, head on over to my SoundCloud page and see what I’ve got in the hopper and what I’ve been working on.

Follow me on there, to get notified of when new clips and tracks are posted! I’ll happily give you a follow back as well if you are posting to SoundCloud as well, so that I can be in the loop on what my friends and fans are also doing with their music!

Feedback is paramount, so please let me know if you like what you’re hearing there. It’ll directly influence what appears on upcoming releases!

[Skunk Works is an official pseudonym for Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs, formerly called Lockheed Advanced Development Projects ~wikipedia]

New Release – Ghosts of Her Dreams

At long last, I am excited to be finally releasing my new album, Ghosts of Her Dreams. The original concept came from a dream my wife had one night, and then it morphed into this. I am also pleased to have had collaborated with my talented wife on the cover artwork of this album – that credit goes all to her! Check out her work at

Coming soon to other digital media outlets, such as Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. I will announce again when that happens. In the meantime, it is available for purchase and streaming on BandCamp.

Live the design? It looks awesome on a shirt.

Ghosts of Her Dreams


Ghosts of Her Dreams

Released: July 17, 2018

One time my wife had woken up, and remembered a strange dream. It wasn’t long, it was more of a quick blip of an image. There was a biscuit snail on top of a parking garage. A snail with a biscuit for a shell. This is one of hundreds of weird and odd dreams she’s had and has informed me about. This was the inspiration for this album, along with the cover artwork. Dreams can be weird, odd, obscure, and otherworldly. As are the tracks contained within this collection. I hope you enjoy this, and can let your mind wander even somewhere remotely close to wherever she was transported to.

Cover artwork by Em Varosky ( 

Listen, buy and stream at the following media outlets:

T-shirts and More Merch!

In addition to the stickers which I have had for sale for a while now, as of today, I have some T-shirts (and hoodies, long sleeved shirts, etc.) for sale now via my new store at TeePublic! Go here and have a look around, I have 3 designs up there currently, one for Eavesdropping, Atchafalaya, and my upcoming album, Ghosts of her Dreams. Click the link below to check them out (and to order!)

If you’d like to see something else in the store, please let me know. And if you buy one, tag me on Twitter @musicalnature with a picture of you wearing it, or post to the Facebook page!