New Release – Departure at Phoebe

Good afternoon fellow quarantiners! I am excited to announce, that I’ve released a new album through Dark Duck Records, “Departure at Phoebe”! Hopefully this helps pass the time while we are all stuck at home, and dreaming of distant places…

Beginning our ethereal journey through the cosmos, by first slowly drifting and making our way first to Saturn. After a long voyage surrounded both by darkness and bright points of light, where our mind wanders aimlessly and with abandon… allowing us to dream up previously unimaginable but tangible thoughts, and contemplate the world around us. A flyby of Saturn’s rings, and its moon of Phoebe, where we finally make our departure into deep space. Our departure begins at Phoebe, which brings to an end this part of our ambient journey.

Departure at Phoebe is musical nature’s first full album released through Dark Duck Records. Stephen and Geoff have previously collaborated on Dark Duck Records releases including the X Series and the Drone Download Project. Now after nearly a decade, comes Departure at Phoebe. musical nature has been releasing long form ambient and experimental ambient music since 1998.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!


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