Solstice Chill

solstice chill

Solstice Chill

Released: March 31, 2001

Original Release – March 31, 2001 ( D.A.M. CD – 100914)
Re-Released – July 11, 2006 (CD Album – – 341110)
Re-Released – July 11, 2006 (MP3 Download Only – – 361914)

Composed for the Winter Solstice of the new Millennium during a light snowfall at a low volume. Tracks on this CD begin with the compounding of wonder and awe of a beautiful snowfall, then drifting off as the snow itself tapers off. Part V includes some vocal samples from Geoff Varosky as well. Tracks begin at a mellow uplifting pace, then move on to more minimal tracks of atmospheric ambience.

Several tracks have been featured on several ambient compilation albums over the years. Most notably, ambient@hypperreal Volume 2.

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