New Release – Ghosts of Her Dreams

At long last, I am excited to be finally releasing my new album, Ghosts of Her Dreams. The original concept came from a dream my wife had one night, and then it morphed into this. I am also pleased to have had collaborated with my talented wife on the cover artwork of this album – that credit goes all to her! Check out her work at

Coming soon to other digital media outlets, such as Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. I will announce again when that happens. In the meantime, it is available for purchase and streaming on BandCamp.

Live the design? It looks awesome on a shirt.

Ghosts of Her Dreams


Ghosts of Her Dreams

Released: July 17, 2018

One time my wife had woken up, and remembered a strange dream. It wasn’t long, it was more of a quick blip of an image. There was a biscuit snail on top of a parking garage. A snail with a biscuit for a shell. This is one of hundreds of weird and odd dreams she’s had and has informed me about. This was the inspiration for this album, along with the cover artwork. Dreams can be weird, odd, obscure, and otherworldly. As are the tracks contained within this collection. I hope you enjoy this, and can let your mind wander even somewhere remotely close to wherever she was transported to.

Cover artwork by Em Varosky ( 

Listen, buy and stream at the following media outlets:


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