Garage of Evil Albums Now Available for Streaming!

This is about 2 months late, but, better late than never 🙂

13 years ago, I composed 3 albums for the Garage of Evil! The GoE was a joint venture between myself and a very good friend of mine, Steve-O. We were building a lot of animatronic props and other Halloween related goodness, and started to develop a bit of a following. Over the years, I fell by the wayside as other life events took precedence, and Steve-O and his amazing wife Lori took that football and ran with it. And kept running with it, until about 2 years ago, when Steve-O stepped down from the helm. Found a fantastic ode to what the GoE was here.

These albums were crafted to provide creepy background ambience to any home or professional haunt. Now, finally, 13 years later, you can listen to these dark, creepy soundscapes on any device anywhere. Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Apple iTunes, even use them in your YouTube videos and more! More information on the albums can be found below:

Dark Soundscapes Vol. I

Dark Soundscapes Vol. II