Released: March 2, 2001

Original Release – March 2, 2001 – ( D.A.M. CD re-release – 97297)
Re-Released – July 11, 2006 (MP3 Download Only – – 362064)

MUSIKUNTERMALUNG is my second collection of tracks, which has a more improved style over forgotten textures. Starting off with music in the ocean, 5 minutes of some wonderful ambient washes… gently flowing around in your head… sliding into tracks I, II, III, and IV, which are a connected series of more ambient washes and soundscapes to drift off to… each with their own personality…the next track is change, some calming wildlife ambiance, with some watery chops such as found in radio frequency from forgotten textures, on top of textured soundscapes. formular is a strange brew of different mixed up sound effects and washes… hard to explain, just listen 🙂 mukavuus is one of my personal favorites, although I love all the music that I create, this one ranks near the top with me. Entering slowly with flanged and reverberated sound effects to create a wonderful chorus that flows throughout the track, mixed together with some tweaked wildlife effects and soft screeches and some great harmonics, with some space shuttle liftoff chatter. prophecy 2 is a short track of some flanged and reverberated chatter, so add some more variations to this collection of tracks, and ending with Oxyg&[grave;IT]ene which is a slow atmospheric soundscape journey until the end of the cd..


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