The MP3 Is Officially Dead… or is it?

npr-music-rgbInteresting article on the evolution of MP3 format via NPR… I still use MP3’s daily. Maybe I am just old school? I even used to have a close friend about 20 years ago who went to college with Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster. MP3’s will always be a thing for me. It’s kinda like holding on to all of my cassette tapes after I got my first knock-off Discman.

Almost everything I create gets exported into a 44. KHz WAV file, and then shortly thereafter, gets converted into 360 bitrate MP3’s for distribution. For hour-long+ tracks, I convert those into FLAC’s for BandCamp so I can get around the 600MB file limit, and not have to split up my long form tracks.

I am interested to know, from other ambient artists, or any musician out there… do you think the MP3 is dead?

Props go out to Keith Ritchie for sharing this originally on the Book of Faces.


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